Genetic Counseling

We are one of the few diagnostic facilities with counselors to consult for various genetic conditions. The genetic counselor is a health professional academically and clinically prepared to provide genetic services to individuals and families seeking information about the occurrence, or risk of occurrence, of a genetic condition or birth defect. Practicing as part of a genetic services delivery team, the genetic counselor communicates genetic, medical, and technical information in a comprehensive, understandable, non directive manner with knowledge of and insight into the psychosocial and ethno cultural experiences important to each client and family. The counselor provides client-centered, supportive counseling regarding the issues, concerns, and experiences meaningful to the client's circumstances. 

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Nutrition Consultation

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of optimal health. Using a wide range of tools, our in-house Nutritional Therapy practitioner can assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these can contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. Recognizing that each person is an individual with unique dietary needs and food preferences, practitioners define personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Whether specific health concerns or improve overall health and wellbeing, Nutritional Therapy can support the body towards achieving and maintaining health.

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