Eastern Diagnostic Network
We introduced a referral network platform “Eastern Diagnostic Network (EDN)” which offers the clients “Convenience Services” for diagnostic tests, counseling, prolonged service hours, and large variety of examinations and fast delivery of reports.

EDN is partnered with laboratories which are independent identities managed by various healthcare professionals in different parts of the world.  Our partners believe in cross-marketing and operational synergies with other laboratories which help them expose to a wider group of clients. 

In this unique model, we incorporate existing leading local and regional clinical laboratories in the group and allow the laboratories and doctors to become our partners. The objective is to achieve large economies of scale while maintaining the motivation and commitment of the medical professionals and deliver a quality and convenient service in partnership with other medical facilities.
Benefits of Association with EDN:

There are several immediate and long term benefits to members who become part of the Eastern Diagnostic Network.

  •   Enhanced profile and credibility in the diagnostic market by becoming an Integral part of prestigious international network

  • Significant extension to the menu of diagnostic tests offered currently

  •   Receive free publicity for the facility by being a part of the fully optimized network

  •   Access to a whole range of Value Added Services that we have developed after extensive market research:

  • - Online ordering facility for the customers
    - Web-reporting directly to the patient and patient’s doctors
    - Highly professional Customer Service
    - Enhanced communication with the valued customers by our dedicated communication departments through regular emails and newsletters
    - Access to Genetic and Nutritional Counseling Services and a host of professional pathology services through online enquiries, video-conferencing, and personal consultations

  • Access to our extensive network of accredited outsourced international laboratory partners for esoteric testing

  •   Enhanced electronically monitored logistic system for sample delivery with potential zero loss of samples

  • Free participation for our educational seminars   conducted regularly
    Financial Impact 

  • Significant increase in the number of samples due to increased  publicity and can enjoy a competitive advantage over the competitors 

  • Commissions to laboratories and physicians 

  • Overall reduction in costs

  • We hope to be able to serve you with unmatched efficiency and professionalism. Click here to read about how it works.