How It Works for Doctor [PRN]
Physician/ Doctors/ Clinicians can refer their patients through our website or mobile application downloaded in their cell phones. The application is FREE OF CHARGE. (View More)


Please select Log in/ Sign up to register yourself. If you are a New User, please register and verify your email to complete the registration. Your log in details will be sent by text message. If you are an existing user, simply log in.


Refer a Patient

Once you logged in, you can refer patients on line. You will have the option to search the right test, test information and discounted prices for the test. Please book a test for your patient. You have the option of reschedule and cancel the booking by using the buttons on your Dashboard.


Appointment Confirmation

We will confirm the number of patients actually completed the test with us by updating “Confirm Patient” list. You can view the number of “Referred patients” and “Confirmed patients” on your Dashboard.


Sample Processing

The complete tracking of the sample can be viewed on your Dashboard. Please click “View Status” to find out if the patient is yet to come under pending, cancelled, rescheduled or confirmed. In case the sample is on process, you can track it under “Moved to Lab”


View and Print Report

You will receive a text message or an email notification on your Dashboard after the report is ready and an on line report will be sent to you. The lab report can then be viewed through your personalized Dashboard at our web portal by using your unique log in name and password.


Additional Features

You will have options and access to additional features too-

  • My notification which will inform you about the new promotions, discounts and on line test reports
  • You can have a list of tests under Favorite tests
  • Help Desk will support you with all enquiries
  • You have the option of choosing the language for personalized site
  • Download apps for your mobile device (FREE OF CHARGE) 
  • How it works for Doctor
    A 24 hours online chat line is available to answer your query. Please leave your question or enquiries by clicking “QUESTION?” button on the right end of the page and our customer service representative will be available to chat with you soon.