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Highly Specialised Tests & Panels

Preventive Cancer Genetic Tests
Cutting-edge DNA technology for cancer and pre-cancer detection utilizes a multi-target approach to detect DNA and hemoglobin biomarkers associated with various cancers. Our inherited cancer genetic tests detect the mutation in the specific genes, such as BRCA 1& 2 for breast cancer or APC genes for colorectal cancers, and many others. 
We also offer the very latest Stool DNA technology which targets eleven biomarkers and provides a stronger connection between colorectal cancer and pre-cancer.

Infectious Disease Tests by PCR
Strong affiliation between Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Cervical cancer has prompted widespread testing for women starting at 14 years. Periodic testing for HPV and other infectious diseases, specifically sexually transmitted diseases is recommended for the high risk patients. We provide highly specialized DNA and RNA analysis for the detection of HPV, Hep B, Hep C and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Rapid Pathogen Tests by PCR
Molecular methods for the detection of pathogen reduce the limitations and drawbacks of conventional blood cultures as it is highly sensitive to both slow-growing and fastidious organism and can detect co-infection with a single test with a definite identification. It is an ideal primary analysis which enables life-saving therapeutic decision making easier. Diseases like, Meningitis, Meningo Encephalitis, Sepsis etc which require immediate identification of the condition, our Rapid Pathogen Tests are excellent tool to start with the diagnosis.  

Pre-Marital, Pre-Natal and Neo-Natal Screening
These screenings are regularly offered to the couples planning to get married (Pre-marital), or expecting a baby (Pre-natal), or couple blessed with a newborn (Neo-natal). The main objective of these analyses is to ensure healthy future generation for all individuals. Our comprehensive panels, including revolutionary Cell-free DNA technology to identify chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus from mother’s blood, have been highly beneficial for all our clients. Newborn screening, which identifies 45 plus metabolic disorders in the newborns, is being availed by most hospitals, clinics or independent pediatricians.

DNA Molecular Diagnostic Tests
Gene sequencing is currently the gold standard for DNA Molecular Diagnosis. Sequencing detects specific mutation in the genes related to diseases of an individual and thus other members of the family can use this information to assess the risk of developing the condition in case the mutation is detected in their gene. In some cases, deletion/ duplication analysis is required if the sequencing shows negative result. We have a wide range of genetic tests (nearly 2,000) to cater clients with very rare genetic conditions.

Food Allergy & Food Intolerance Tests
Hypersensitiveness is depended on Food Allergy or Intolerance. Food allergies are acute severe reactions initiated by IgE antibodies and mediated by Histamine and food intolerance is less intense reaction, initiated by IgG antibodies and mediated by non-histamine mechanisms. We offer comprehensive panels for food allergy (20 food panels) and intolerance tests (200 plus) which are combination of various groups of foods that help to narrow the specific allergy or intolerance to a particular group of foods.  

DNA Relationship & Ancestry Tests
DNA Relationship testing and origin of our ancestors have always attracted a group of clients who wanted to have peace of mind by establishing a relationship status or by determining their deep ancestral origins. The tests are conducted our associated accredited laboratory with full privacy and confidentiality.