Physician’s Referral Network
Eastern Diagnostic Network partners with leading local and regional clinical laboratories and doctors in the group and incorporates them to become partners of the network. This partnership allows us to achieve scale while maintaining the motivation and commitment of the local partners.

EDN is a dynamic platform in helping the medical professionals and institutions to improve their practices through quality, convenience and proximity services. Besides, financial and operational benefits, they are actively involved in many local, national and international epidemiological and medical research programs.

We introduced an innovative way to order tests by the physicians for their patients. Keeping everyday diagnostic needs in mind, we have developed the platform to conveniently order tests for patients from physician’s office or even mobile device. Reports are available as soon as the tests are completed, authenticated and released by laboratories and clinicians are notified instantly via email.  

Unique features of the Network 

  •  Ordering online from any parts of the world

  •  Immediate arrangement for sample collection from the patients

  •  Ability to track the progress of the analytical process and predict the time of result delivery

  •  Instant confirmation when report is completed 

  •  Alert system for abnormal results

  •  Use the Dashboard to view the referred patients and the results of all tests ordered anytime, anywhere

  •  Enjoy preferential discounts on the list price of tests for the physicians on the network

  •  Easy and Secure access to the technicians and pathologists for discussing test results further

  • We hope to be able to serve you with unmatched efficiency and professionalism. Click here to read about how it works.