Does ECL accept health insurance?
Yes. Please contact our customer service department to know more.
How will my information be used?
Please read our Privacy Policy for more information
What is the refund policy?
Please read our Delivery and Return Policy
How can I understand my LAB report?
If you have registered along with your doctor on this website, he will be able to help you understand the report. If you have taken the test online yourself, know that all laboratories generate reports in different formats and may vary greatly in appearance. They however all have the same information. Please contact our customer service department to know more.


Apart from administrative information in the report (name of person etc), the report may highlight the following:

Test results – If the patient’s sample shows abnormal test result, this will be highlighted in the lab report. These are often highlighted by the use of certain letters beside the result: “H” – means higher than the reference range “L” – means lower than the reference range “WNL” – means within normal range

Critical results - Sometimes the test results may show critical level of a certain aspect. This is highlighted with an asterisk (*). The report will then need to be reported immediately to a medical professional.

Condition of sample – It is important the patient follows the conditions set before providing the sample (for example, some tests may require the patient to fast, etc). If this is not followed, it may be noted in the report.

Medications, health supplements, etc. taken by the patient - Some tests results are affected by medications, other health supplements that maybe taken by the patient. These will need to be reported before applying for the test.