We guarantee the highest quality of diagnostic services to all of our patients. Ranked 19th in Dubai SME100 in 2011, AMEinfo Mastercard Small Business of the Year Award in 2012 and ISO accreditation since 2010 were the milestones of Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences achievements. We have competitive advantages over others, such as:

  1. Certified Pathologist – All our associated laboratories have a board-certified pathologist to review every case.
  2. Unique and Innovative Technologies – Specialized genetic tests are unique and are analyzed by using the most advanced technologies in highly specialized laboratories.
  3. Large Network of Healthcare Units – ECL has proudly partnered with a large base of healthcare units which includes hospitals and laboratories around the globe. This allows the convenience for the users to simply go to their nearest lab registered with ECL.
  4. 72 Hours Delivery Time – Once the sample collection is completed, ECL delivers the results within 72 hours for routine analyses.
  5. Extensive Health Insurance Coverage – ECL has alliance with numerous national, regional and local insurance providers to offer the services covered under individual health insurance.
  6. Cost Effective – The test costs are very competitive compared to other local or regional providers. Besides, on-line order is beneficial for direct patients who want to conduct the tests without consulting a physician and avoid extra payments to the physicians.
  7. Convenience – ECL allows individual patients to take the tests from the convenience of their homes. Simply by registering for the tests online, patients will only need to visit their nearest laboratory for providing their sample.
  8. Online Test Results – Once the diagnosis is completed, the test results are immediately uploaded to the online web portal. Authorized users can then view, print or email the reports.
  9. Education Materials – ECL provides complimentary education materials for both patients and medical professionals regarding various medical problems, diagnostic tests and treatment options.
  10. Excellent Customer Service – An efficient customer service is ensured as all our enquiries are responded within 24 hours.